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Transforming the Trading Landscape: Inside Finidea’s Journey to Empower 40,000+ Traders

Case studies are the current trend that prove our expertise in the particular area in which we work. Solving the query by providing the complete solution is the brief of any case study of the service based IT(software) development companies. 

Secret Mindtech has been a fast-growing IT firm for the last many years and genuinely brings our potential to serve clients across the globe. Being a service-based company, we excel in giving our expertise to solve and bring solutions and services when clients ask for that. From the projects we have completed, Today we’re going to discuss one of our case studies that is based on the Fintech solution. So, stay tuned with us.

Finideas is the project we completed, assisting a fintech company in developing a web application for their wealth management system. Additionally, they are our first client since the inception of Secret Mind Tech in April 2020.

We’ll discuss the whole case study in four phases including Challenge, Discovery, Development and Results. Let’s get in detail.

  • Challenges: We help make investing easier by taking it on the web. This means now users can get financial advice, manage their investments, and reach their money goals all on their computer or phone. We also provided educational materials about investing in different languages to help our clients learn more about their options.
  • Discovery: Development of the website to educate the users and also it can give them information about their investment on their fingertips.
  • Development: Secret Mintech developed the custom dashboard for client and administrator after analysing all the requirements. Custom dashboard is created that displays insights and analysis of data. Started from Developing the UI of the Web app, the Dashboard, Questionnaire, report generation, auto mandate, e mandate etc.
  • Result: Ever since Finideas started in the online market, they’ve been getting more customers and now they are managing over ₹600+ crores in assets for their clients.

This is how we helped Finideas to reach their goal of making 100% online presence and they benefited so well after launching their web platform for their users. Now, we are going to see the really interesting things that you should know more about Finideas. 

Below are the interesting facts and you can say the excellent achievements Finideas achieved. 


Years of market experience of Finideas.

₹500+ Cr

Assets under Advisory As on 30th Nov 2023.


Referral Partners

In addition to this, 

  • Finideas also increased customer acquisition by 22% with our digital Back Office Development. 
  • Finideas is a Leading Stock Market Solutions Provider (Options Training & Software).
  • Finideas is SEBI Approved Investment Adviser.
  • It is the first company in India to launch trading through live Volatility.
  • Also, the first company in India to launch Courses for Volga & Vanna, Second-line Option Greeks of Volatility.
  • Dealing with more than 75 members of NSE & BSE.
  • Finideas trained more than 40,000 Traders and Investors till now.

This is all for the Finideas and we have covered all the details one case study should contain. So, You will know the potential of the Secret MindTech in the fintech industry by this blog. You can contact us for any solution you may require in the field of IT services.