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One Stop for All Meet Plans

Troop Travel

Troop Travel is a client of Secret MindTech. 
The partnership started in October 2021.

Secret MindTech developed the troop travel web app backend, for planning any kind of trips be it business or personal.

7690 hrs


Travel Time Saved


 Million USD saved


Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved

Troop’s users increased by 20% a year since it’s development by Us.

The Challenge

The absence of an all rounder tool to plan trips, accommodations, activities at one place.


The gap between tools for traveling and accommodations is huge presently and if there are any other tools that try to close this gap are often not seamless, to tackle this gap Troop will provide all the necessary tools like itinerary planning, hotel bookings, car rentals, flights and much more


Secret Mindtech started development of backend of Troop Travel using Node JS and GraphQL. Only the backend was developed that manages the flights, hotels, rentals. .


Troop travel got launched successfully with the help of Secret Mindtech and Building the complex Backend of the System.
Technological Pillars of the Project
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