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Excellent Patient Experience

Steer Health

Steerhealth is a client with Secret MindTech Since January 2022, The Web SaaS platform has been developed by Secret MindTech.

SteerHealth is an AI power healthcare growth and revenue platform that helps healthcare organisations thrive by ensuring revenue generation, cost savings, and exceptional patient experience.

The platform connects the marketing, growth, operational, clinical, and financial pathways to attract, guide and retain patients.

Steer health helps hospitals and medical groups achieve higher patient volumes, cost savings, superior patient experiences and happier staff and providers.

Used by over 1000 organisations in the United States.

Been featured in publications like forbes, wall street journal and the new york times.


Increase in Bookings


Increase in online referrals


Increase in review Volume

Steerhealth Increased Patient retention by 186%

The Challenge

To connect customers with organisations and address their needs in a fraction of time.
To retain patients for a long time and to provide excellent user experience.
To provide them a one stop solution to all medical services.


The ability to provide patients with a range of digital tools that will help to simplify and enhance the healthcare experience. The features are designed to enhance the patient experience, including scheduled apointments, chat requests, treatment information, payment integration, insurance details and more. The client side dashboard allows organisations to manage all of these features in one place, providing a comprehensive and streamlined approach to healthcare management.


Secret Mindtech and Steerhealth came together to build their SaaS platform. It was developed in Sprints and stages where for each sprint the scope of work and deliverables are discussed and agreed upon with all the stakeholders from both sides. Features like secure online payments, scheduling appointments online, registration, onboarding, generating and Downloading Reports. Designed the Platform keeping the user centered design in mind to ensure that the patients receive the highest quality care possible while providers can focus on delivering the best possible outcomes. .


Steerhealth is a huge success as it garnered positive response from patients with 86% willing to pay more for better healthcare experiences, with over 2250 providers, 13.5M+ Patients and 98% staff are happier using steerhealth.
Technological Pillars of the Project
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