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Online Calendar, Planner & Organiser


Dayviewer helps to boost productivity and daily management in personal and professional life. It is a perfect organizer and a calendar to manage tasks, plan events and keep notes organized.

Dayviewer is a client of Secret MindTech from the year May 2022.

The development of Dayviewer platform was done by secret mindtech

Catalyzing Growth: How Secret MindTech Propelled DayViewer and Performance.

The Challenge

Struggling to juggle between hectic schedule, meetings, tasks, notes in a scattered manner, assignments, extracurricular activities, deadlines, ideas, maintaining client communication, family schedules, financial tracking, idea generation, and much more for people of all ages.


A tool that is customizable, simple to use, synced across devices, secure, has plenty of features, and with a good user interface The platform is easy to use and provides a comprehensive suite of features that make it the perfect all-in-one solution for anyone looking to stay organized and on top of their schedule.


The team at secret mindtech collaborated with the Dayviewer team and started development of the tool in 3 sprints, in the first sprint we developed the calendar functionality, in the second sprint we developed the modules of task management, and notes, during the third sprint all the modules like event planning were developed, tested and then deployed for the people to use.


Dayviewer became the only tool to cover not just task management but organizing, calendar scheduling, note taking app. Loved and used by thousands of people making their lives easier. One of the standout features of DayViewer is its task management module, which allows team leaders to assign tasks to team members, track their progress, set deadlines, and more. This module provides a powerful tool for managing team workflow and ensuring that everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are located. With DayViewer, teams can collaborate more effectively and get more done in less time
Tech stack supporting the project
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Dayviewer's word for the spectacular work we did for them.